Rochester Tango


Rochester Tango is a community of Argentine Tango dancers in Rochester, NY who originated as DancEncounters studio in 1997. The organization was rebranded as Rochester Tango in 2017 by the studio's young successors.

Our mission is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all dancers. We are committed to teaching and spreading awareness and love of Argentine tango with the Rochester community. We focus on the social aspects of the dance and generally avoid teaching choreography or patterns. We aim to provide our dancers with the tools to create their own dance.



Steven Thull

Steven began his journey into Argentine Tango in 2015, starting without any dance backround. He quickly fell in love with Tango, and began attending weekly lessons at DancEncounters with Barbara Warren and Alden Stevens, as well as attending the lessons and praticas at the RIT and UofR Tango clubs. As Steven's passion for Argentine Tango grew, so did his desire to study the technique, history, music, and culture of Tango, through the guidence of many professional instructors.

When he's not teaching and DJing in Rochester, he can be found dancing socially at Tango Festivals and Marathons all over the Northeast; everywhere from Cleveland, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, and Pittsburgh. Steven has also gained popularity in the Tango community as one of the highest demanded tango photographers, with photography that has been recognised all over the country.

As a teacher, Steven focuses on the elements of tango that are fundamental to the social dancer; the connection, embrace, and the walk. With a fascination with technique and body mechanics, he focuses on learning how to break down the movement to build a confident and elegant dancer.


Amalia Van Hall

Amalia was first introduced to social dancing in September of 2014 where she learned East Coast/Lindy Hop at Groove Juice Swing. During that time she picked up Blues/Fusion dancing and became a member of the Rochester Institute of Techology's swing dance club. In July of 2015 Amalia was introduced to Argentine tango and became a dedicated member of the Argentine tango community, attending weekly lessons through RIT and UofR's college tango clubs. In 2017 she started assisting in teaching with former organizer and lead instructor, Curtis Burtner, and Steven Thull. Amalia studied New Media Design and Marketing at the Rochester Institute of Technology and currently works full time in consumer affairs at Bausch and Lomb in Rochester, NY.