Community & Connection

Dance Argentine in Rochester, NY

Rochester Tango is a community of Argentine Tango dancers that host lessons, dances and special events regularly.

  • Lessons

    All Level Drop In
    Sundays 7pm-8pm

    Our weekly group lessons are for people of all levels. We offer individualized attention during the group lessons as well.
    We offer free entrace to the Milonga with the lesson.

    Tango 1
    Thursdays 7-8pm

    This class is a 6 week rotating series dedicated to teaching and building up new dancers from the ground up.

    Tango 2
    Thursdays 8:15-9:15pm

    This class is dedicated to teaching a monthly theme to dive in depth to one topic for 4 weeks.

    Private Lessons
    Please contact us for details

  • Tango Domingo

    Weekly Milonga
    Sundays 8pm-10pm

    Our weekly social dance. Most of our learning comes from the dance floor and all are encouraged to come, snacks and drinks are provided.

    $5 Students
    $10 Public

  • Milonga de Flores

    Our special gala milonga where we often bring in guest instructors and dancers from all over Western NY. Dress to impress!

    Fees and times are posted per event.


470 State Street
Rochester, NY 14608
Entrance behind building

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    Meet Up

    Meet Up

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        We have started an email chain for those who don't have a social media account. Please contact us at with your name for updates.